After watching a story on the late RM Williams and his family I came to the realisation and the impact of our fathers influence on our lives to love one another and live our lives believing the world is a worthwhile place for us to live.

Both my father and mother came from the land and their forefathers came from South Australia and strangely enough my mothers family settled on Carrabah Station in the early 1800’s not far from RM Williams property.

There is a bond with the land and family for the early pioneers that showed decency to family and community which in turn laid the ground rules how we respect others and behave in society.

We will not forget our fathers and will always love our mothers.

Ian Parks.


Seaforth Air Screens

It has become apparent that privacy screens have become common place on the construction landscape in today’s design.

Seaforth Blinds have now released into the building world their new “Seaforth Air Screen” made from high grade cedar components the screens new air control features will be seen complimenting houses and buildings around Australia.

The screens are modular panels and connect to make up a bank of panels. Applications are Balconies, walk ways, entertainment area’s, court yards, coffee shops, offices anything you need to divide. The visual effect is multi tasking to the eye from different angles which gives the effect of privacy and view in one package and the added bonus is it defuses the high air flow.

Seaforth Blinds Projects

Here are some of Seaforth Blinds best known projects and who they have worked for over the years.

Court Houses NSW; Walgett, Cowra, Orange, Inverell, Nowra, Newcastle, Dubbo, Industrial Commission,  Central Court Sydney.

Buildings; Parks Police Station, The Sydney Cove Authority, NSW Medical Board, Commbank Sydney Uni,  Hyde Park Barracks, Justice & Police Museum, Royal Botanical Gardens, Chief SEC Building, Parliament House Sydney, Mint Sydney, Government Printing Office, Arts Council Australia, Youth & Community Crows Nest, Historic House Trust, Lord Howe Island Museum Trust.

Architects; Glen Murcutt, Alan Jack & Cottier, Burton & Halliday, Luigi Rosselli, Stutchbury & Pape, Alasdair Macdonald, Alexander Tzannes & Assoc,   Andre Porebski & Assoc, Viv Fraser & Assoc.

Builders; Giro Const, Gunlake Const,  Transfields, Ant Building, Berem Const, Dinham Const.

Resorts; Bora Bora, Hayman Island.

Achievements by a true craftsmen “Max Parks” 1916 to 2000

Seaforth Blinds Understanding Free Trade

It is hard to imagine only a few short years ago Australia had great enervative skilled work force and for businesses nowadays the cupboard is becoming bare, constructive ideas are drying up and we believe it is because we are selling out. We need to be mindful of the consequences of an overseas buyer changing a business structure and it’s skills lost to our community these are the building blocks of our society and the roots of our past. You would expect no overseas buyer would have any reason to continue to foster our skill labour force it is not in their interests.  The knock-on effect through supporting trades is mammoth, take one good business out of circulation 10 more fall like a house of cards.

The result is a handful of people get wealthy and our future generations suffer, that’s what free trade is all about.   

Seaforth Blinds Film Projects

It has been a pleasure over the years to have worked with some Australia’s most accomplished film makers such  Kennedy Miller Productions, John Cornell and many artists and presenters in TV and radio.

Film and Television has launched Cedar Venetians into the world stage with films like Pharlap, Umbrella Woman, Till The End Of The Earth, Body Line and Home And Away just to name a few. This sparked and rekindled a trend in Australia for natural finish’s in timber, plus the introduction of limed finish’s manufactured through the help of Feast Watson and Cabot’s they were then utilised in Hyde Park Barracks  Sydney and many other Historical building throughout NSW.

We dedicate this achievement to Max Parks our father, grand father founder of Seaforth Venetians in 1950 he is sadly missed and was loved by all. 

Seaforth Blinds

As a manufacturer to some of the most prominent projects in the past 63 years in Australia and overseas it has been difficult to grasp the new world market mind set when your product does not age but your customers are dazzled by high tech ideas and marketing. One  important way we have focused on is not to give up making our customers no we are in business to service, manufacture, supply, and what we do does not go out of manufacture and become land fill. The green value of our products and crafting techniques have been our greatest strengths as well as being able to communicate with our long standing customers.

Seaforth Blinds is not affiliated with any other business except SEAFORTH MFG CO PTY LTD so make sure when you see our name it is us.