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Cedar Product, Cirtified And Sustainable

There are many shade furnishings on the market so it is hard to see the woods for the tree’s. One thing I can tell you is cedar is a lifetime timber, it is durable, stable, sustainable and very affordable. Cedar has many uses such as shingles, shakes, wall panel, venetians and is probably one of the only timber’s you can use inside and out that does not have to be pined or nailed and insects won’t eat it. 
That’s the Beauty of ‪#‎Cedar‬ 
‪#‎Certified‬ and ‪#‎Sustainable‬

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Seaforth Air Screens

It has become apparent that privacy screens have become common place on the construction landscape in today’s design.

Seaforth Blinds have now released into the building world their new “Seaforth Air Screen” made from high grade cedar components the screens new air control features will be seen complimenting houses and buildings around Australia.

The screens are modular panels and connect to make up a bank of panels. Applications are Balconies, walk ways, entertainment area’s, court yards, coffee shops, offices anything you need to divide. The visual effect is multi tasking to the eye from different angles which gives the effect of privacy and view in one package and the added bonus is it defuses the high air flow.