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Cedar Product, Cirtified And Sustainable

There are many shade furnishings on the market so it is hard to see the woods for the tree’s. One thing I can tell you is cedar is a lifetime timber, it is durable, stable, sustainable and very affordable. Cedar has many uses such as shingles, shakes, wall panel, venetians and is probably one of the only timber’s you can use inside and out that does not have to be pined or nailed and insects won’t eat it. 
That’s the Beauty of ‪#‎Cedar‬ 
‪#‎Certified‬ and ‪#‎Sustainable‬

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Seaforth Blinds Film Projects

It has been a pleasure over the years to have worked with some Australia’s most accomplished film makers such  Kennedy Miller Productions, John Cornell and many artists and presenters in TV and radio.

Film and Television has launched Cedar Venetians into the world stage with films like Pharlap, Umbrella Woman, Till The End Of The Earth, Body Line and Home And Away just to name a few. This sparked and rekindled a trend in Australia for natural finish’s in timber, plus the introduction of limed finish’s manufactured through the help of Feast Watson and Cabot’s they were then utilised in Hyde Park Barracks  Sydney and many other Historical building throughout NSW.

We dedicate this achievement to Max Parks our father, grand father founder of Seaforth Venetians in 1950 he is sadly missed and was loved by all.